Meet the Team

A collective of brilliant minds.
Souf always thinks social first. With social media as his focus, he plans, creates and promotes content that tells your brand's story, stimulates engagement and drives results that matter. Souf organizes our in-house content and production team. He works closely with our entire collective to make relevant, but above all, effective work.

More about him:
Souf runs things around here. Sneaker junkie, loyal redditor and explorer of the dark pits of Youtube. Probably knows more pop-culture references than you do. Could sell you air if he had a license for it.
Lucia has her eyes on your platforms every day, making sure they run like clockwork. She is in charge of project, community and influencer management. From scheduling to reporting, Lucia is on the frontline, seven days a week to ensure we are performing to the best of our abilities.

More about her:
Our Mexican connection. She is sweet but dangerous. Rumour has it that she is an undercover hustler running a black market south of the border. Catch her making cheesy puns in the office or introducing you to never-heard-before Mexican candy.
Digital copy needs to be persuasive. It needs to drive action, be discoverable and read naturally. Digital copy also needs to read as your brand's unique tone of voice. Lily creates tailored digital content that speaks directly to your clients and makes your brand more personable to them.

More about her:
Lily is fluent in sarcasm. Born east-coaster, raised west...indecisive or just ocean-loving? You can find her on any given day at brunch, in the sun or reconciling her schooling in English Lit on Instagram.
Clara is a creative mind with acute brand understanding. With full content creation capacity and skilled artistic direction, she ideates original storylines for your business, pumping out new ideas non-stop. Clara is also an expert in creating channels for your customer service, while making everything look naturally perfect. She leads on our distribution, making sure that the right people see our work at the right time, in the right place.

More about her:
Our #BOSSBABY Ginger. That girl you see at the coffee shop and can't help but to compliment her outfit. That girl you see at the other side of the bar and you're too afraid to talk to. Just simply: THAT. GIRL.
Content is king and Pri is our ice Queen. Pri helps your brand create compelling content that commands attention. It all starts with an idea, and our ideation process lets us identify the right targets for your objectives. We find the stories you want to hear and turn them into shareable pieces to boost brand mentions, build quality links, drive traffic and online coverage.

More about her:
Pri is a know-it-all when it comes to aesthetics. Miranda Prisley Doppelganger. Give her a design category and watch her slay. If she is not being sarcastic with you, then you probably make her uncomfortable.
Saria delivers personalized and best in-class visuals. Whether it's portraiture, still life shots, landscapes or mouth-watering flat-lays, Saria combines her technical skills with her artistic eye to create the perfect shot.